Workshop Venue


Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Notkestraße 85
22607 Hamburg

The wokshop takes place in building 99 (CFEL), which can also be accessed via DESY's back entrance at Luruper Chaussee.

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How to reach the venue:

By plane

From the Airport take the railway S-Bahn S1 in the direction of Blankenese or Wedel. From the central station also take the S-Bahn to Blankenese or Wedel at track 1. Leave the S-Bahn at Othmarschen at the back side of the train (18 stations from airport, 43 min.; 8 stations from central station, 18min.). Go down, turn right and use the bus line1 (direction Schenefelder Holt). After 3 stations (Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld) you may leave for the Mercure Hotel, after 5 stations (Zum Hühnengrab/DESY) you may leave for DESY.

By train

From Hamburg Altona station take the bus line 1 (direction Schenefelder Holt) directly to the main entrance of DESY (bus stop Zum Hünengrab/DESY), traveling time approx. 25 min. Or continue by S-Bahn (local city train) line S1 or S11 (direction Blankenese/Wedel) to Othmarschen. Then go on with bus line 1 (direction Schenefelder Holt). On foot: leave the city train station at the Waitzstrasse exit, turn right at the bottom of the stairs, turn left onto Waitzstrasse, right onto Gross Flottbeker Strasse and follow that road directly to DESY, walking time approx. 25 min.

Price for a single ticket: 3.50 EUR; Ticket for whole day: 8.20 EUR or 6.90 EUR (if it is used after 9:00am).

By car

Exit the Autobahn (A7) at HH-Bahrenfeld. Arriving in Hamburg from the South: turn left onto the main road (Osdorfer Weg).
Arriving in Hamburg from the North: turn right onto the main road (Osdorfer Weg). Then turn right onto Notkestraße. The main entrance of DESY is the second road on the left.

DESY Hamburg Site, side entrance

The side entrance of DESY is located on the Luruper Chaussee. The bus line 2 stops there (bus stop DESY). The side entrance is open for motorists from Monday until Friday, 06:00 to 19:00, and closed on weekends. It is open for pedestrians and cyclists at all times.

Campus map DESY, Hamburg

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